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Kitchen Extraction Installation and Repair in London – Comprehensive, Cost-Effective

The kitchen extraction is a staple system for creating a safe and healthy environment for household as well as staff members and customers by removing steam, grease, heat, smoke, and odours. In the rapid world of the service industry, any disruption with extraction and ventilation systems can lead to a big worry. Let our engineers at MFAir Services Limited take care of all the installation, maintenance, and repair needs of your kitchen extraction systems.

Are you facing critical problems with your kitchen ventilation and extraction system? Do you need to install, repair, supplant, or clean some of its parts? Then, MFAir Services Limited has got all your needs covered! No matter what configuration and your individual needs are, we serve bespoke kitchen extraction installation in London alongside the assessment of a new or existing system and advice on its compliance and effectiveness.

Why Install Commercial Kitchen Extraction System?

Whether you own a restaurant, bistro, or bar, a commercial extraction system is a crucial part of your kitchen, especially when the cooking equipment is solid fuel or gas. It is necessary to safely extract gasses, heat, and particles from the kitchen environment. 

If you’re installing ventilation and extraction system for the first time, don’t worry, our technicians will guide you through its full specifications, configuration, and working principle. We also conduct assessments for the current system and make it compliant to improve its effectiveness while mitigating the risks. We carry out the removal of any existing extraction system, install a new system, and also ensure electrical connections and gas installation. Even after the installation, we can help you with the maintenance or repair of a fan, controller component, and entire system.

Kitchen Extraction System – Design, Supply, Install & Repair

From installations and repairs, we offer fully compliant kitchen extraction services, delivering the tailored plan, arrangement, and cleaning quality principles. Our process starts from full site assessment and bespoke planning and then we will assist you with installing a premium-grade ventilation system and kitchen extraction repair in London.

We specialise in the design, supply, install, repair, and maintenance of kitchen ventilation and extraction system, operating throughout London. We ensure to execute each installation and repairing project in a timely manner with the utmost care and planning to drive superior results. Reach out to our experienced engineers and they will pay a visit to your place on your preferred schedule.       

Feel free to call us for a free site survey and quote to obtain the best recommendations from our qualified engineers!

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