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Choosing the right commercial Air Conditioning unit and system for your family business, commercial business or house is not always easy. The air consystems required in your office will be different depending on the type of venue and people capacity: a restaurant, retail air con, High End Domestic or warehouse and industrial air cooler unit. That's why we are here to help you providing you with a free site visit to advise you the perfect air con London or outside of London system and design for your space. 

Our commercial and industrial air conditioning systems are suitable for a range of applications and include ceiling mounted cassettes, ceiling suspended cassettes for offices without false ceilings and wall mounted air conditioning units which are flexible in their installation and easy to use and maintain.

Our wide range of product will support you with the climate control (cooling and heating) of your office or working space for any season of the year and with the variable weather, we experience in the UK. This will support you to have always a comfortable warmth or cool, dehumidified temperature and air flow in any moment of the year in both the coolest months of the year or warmest months of the year. All of this in one system which is easily controllable and maintainable. 

Create a comfortable and healthy working/living environment!

Air conditionings are really key systems that support the air flow in both domestic and commercial environment. It plays an important role to achieve a comfortable environment with clean and fresh air for your children, families and worker ensuring that air diffusers are cleaned, a great fan maintenance and maintenance of all the system itself. 

Air conditioning is also important and used to cool and dehumidify rooms full with heat-producing electronic devices such as computers, power amplifier, etc. 

We customise air conditioning systems in order for them to be right for your application and budget and you to buy air conditioning with a cheap air conditioning installer but at a highest quality.  Helping you to create a welcoming working and living environment for your employees, customers, visitors. Our goal is to deliver a smile and satisfaction for all our customer . 

We design, supply and install! 

Our services are open 24/7 and with a fast response to your enquiry. 

We can design for you in order to find the most suitable solution and cheap air conditioning for your specification as well as requirement. 

We can supply any brand equipment Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin, Toshiba, Fujitsu, etc. 

We are approved installer by the market leader Mitsubishi Electric, fully insured and certified as well as member of the leading regulatory associations including REFCOM. Our engineered are fully qualified and ensuring to offer a friendly, trustable, professional service in compliance with the regulations.

 Why installing an air conditioning system is beneficial? 

We often told that air con systems are not good for our health because causing flue, muscolar pains, cough, fever, etc. But what is the actual truth? How this climate control system actually works and what do we do wrong that makes us believe negatively about it? Let's see together what are a few beneficial factors of having a cooling and heating system installed in our house or office space. 

  • Better air quality. Air conditioning ensures a good air flow in our office or domestic environment. It filters and circulates the air, cleaning it from pollutant and mould as well as allergens and dirt which are really dangerous for people with allergies or Asthma problems. This is true mainly if you apply a yearly air conditioning maintenance ensuring that the system, fan and air diffusers are clean and fully functional. Otherwise, it can contribute to pollute and dirt the air.
  • More exercise. Installing a cooling and heating system which can ensure a climate control in your home/gym will ensure a comfortable environment and air flow for indoor exercise. We know that having a controlled temperature, we are more likely to do exercises after work than in a hot space after a long day nobody would enjoy that. Obviously the air con system needs to have the right repairing, well maintenance to apply a great performance. 
  • Functional electronics machines. As we already seen heat is not a good factor for our bodies. Heat actually is not good also in indoor places and particularly offices or home which hold electronics such as computers, phones, etc. How does heat affect them? Heat can cause serious damages on electronics such as shortening their lifespan to losing data which is not the great case scenario in offices where important data and work is stored. This is why installing air conditioning systems in offices is a really key points to ensure a smooth work, climate controlled temperature which prevents the loss of data and more.
  • Risk of Dehydration. Working or living in warm spaces bring our bodies to sweat and we do not realise that this cause a big loss of water. Drinking water is an action that we often forget because too busy in other activities. Therefore, in order to avoid and prevent our body to dehydrate it is really important to ensure we work and live in an environment with a controlled temperature by a climate control system such as air conditioning.
  • Less noise. When working in our offices or relaxing in our house we are often annoyed by the noise of traffic outside, neighbourhood, slamming doors and windows. How can we prevent this? Having an air con system with the right repairing, constant maintenance that can ensure a great air flow and that our indoor air is always fresh and clean avoiding opening the windows and doors while working and relaxing ensuring a quiet environment.
  • Less sweat and stains. Working or living in a hot environment can cause stains and uncomfortable situation that can be easily avoided maintaining a controlled climate installing an air conditioning system.
  • Furniture benefits. Humidity and heat are the worst enemies of any type of fabric. We often design our house with wood furniture but we never think how important is the temperature in order to maintain the style and design. When in contact with humidity and heat the wood tends to expand, loses or gain colour
  • Better Sleep. Temperature affects our sleeps and if we are in a too hot or too cold room, our body uses a lot of energy to warmer or cool down our body temperature before sleeping. The body has a range temperature the needs in order to allow us to fall asleep, this is why also in this case having a climate control system installed in our house would improve our sleep being able to set up the perfect temperature in our environment to avoid a bad or disturbed sleep.
  • Life saver. When the warm season arrives around March, June or all year long for certain world location, we can hear that many people get affected from the heat waves causing a lot of deaths or health problem particularly for people affected by heart and blood pressure problems. Maintaining our environment cooler with an air conditioning system will help to prevent high heart rate or blood pressure problems as well as heat related illnesses or deaths, this is according to the Centres of Disease Control and Prevention.
  • No more bugs. We are always suggested to open windows and door to refresh the air in the house, however, how can we actually be certain that is fresh the air that comes from outside? In addition, open windows and door give the free go to bugs and insects which are often annoying but also dangerous for people with allergies and Asthmatic issues. Having a good air conditioning system with a constant yearly maintenance and repairing when needed will help you to prevent all of this issue thanks to the filtration function that this fantastic machine does.
  • Home and office feeling safe. Opening windows is something that we cannot avoid particularly in crowded offices and also in our house. We are more likely to leave open windows when we go out from home or in the office during a lunch break to refresh the air in the room. However, this cannot only attract bugs and insect but also burglar that are only waiting for an open way to do their “jobs”. Having an air conditioning which can refresh and filtrate the air will prevent any unwanted situation.
  • More work done. All of us felt a bit less active, tired and sluggish when we are in an environment at high temperature, this is because heat stress can cause the body to lose water faster, causing low mental performances and body motors. Installing an air conditioning system in our house or office can ensure productivity from employees and get chores done thanks to its climate control functionality.


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