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We are a nation of food lovers and with such a passion for food, it’s important to have an appliance that will easily store a variety of different food items and reduce the waste. Commercial refrigeration is a crucial element of any professional catering setup. Designed to keep food or drinks chilled and ready for service or prep, professional refrigeration ensures compliance and helps to reduce wastage. Understanding this point, we also understand the importance to have this machines always working and fix immediately once they show having issues.

We are specialised in installation, repair and maintenance of fridge, freezers and ice-machines. We have been assisting many restaurants, cocktail bars, and night clubs for installation, maintenance and refrigeration fridge repairs in London and surrounding areas. We always offer a fast response and actions whenever we receive call outs and at really competitive price in order not to ensure that your business is not affected.

What are Refrigeration services? 

Many of us not involved in the industry might not understand what are Refrigeration services. What are then the services we offer: 

- Fridge Repair 

- Display, Counter, Dairy, Bar and Kitchen Fridge Maintenance, call out  

- Supply and Installation of Walk in Fridge, Ice - machine, Bar and Kitchen Fridges

- Ice - machine repairing 

-Ice-machine maintenance 

- Freezer, Walk - In Freezer maintenance, repairing, call out 

- Ice - machine call out 

24/7 open with fast response to your enquiry and cheap Engineers assistance, free site visit, we have a solution for any type of Freezer, Walk in Freezer, Fridges, Bar and Kitchen Fridges, Dairy Fridges, Counter Fridges, Walk in Fridges, Ice-machine Maintenance, Repairing, Supply and Installation, call out. We understand the emergency and the importance to have this appliance assisted in the shorter time as possible for your business. 

Why a Refrigerator is important? 

The Refrigerator one the most important electronics that is required in hospitality such as restaurant, night clubs, pubs, bars, cafes, cake stores, delicatessen, bakery shops, food shops, drinks shops, supermarkets, department stores, offices; from high to medium commercial, from small to big companies. Everyone who holds food and drinks in their venues have the necessity to receive immediate assistance if one of these machine get broken or does not provide its own high performance. You might ask yourself why is this important? Refrigerator are the life saver in Kitchen all food stores because it reduces the bacteria growth. Bacteria growths and multiply quickly and live in temperatures from 40 °F (4.4 °C) and 140 °F (60 °C), maintaining food in Refrigerators set at a temperature below 40 °F (4.4 °C), will help to prevent the multiplication of the bacteria in the food and the quality of the food itself, avoiding contamination, food illnesses, etc. 

Another big fear for any food handling business is to remain with food a broken Refrigerator which is off or providing low performances and a good environment for bacteria. This is why a quick call out response is key, food cannot remain at room temperature longer than 2 hours, after all the fridge needs to be emptied and fix. What can prevent situation like that: 

- constant Freezer, Walk in Freezer, Fridges, Bar and Kitchen Fridges, Dairy Fridges, Counter Fridges, Walk in Fridges, Ice-machine repairing and maintenance 

- Fridge services 

- reduce the time that the Fridges, Frezers are opened and avoid the situation where the Fridges ad Freezer stay open for long time 

Want professional, timely and cost-effective assistance for installation, repair and refrigeration fridge maintenance in London? Call us know!

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